About Me

I have been involved with the Web and multimedia development since 2001. In December 2003, I got my Master CIW Designer certification. Arts direction, programming, design and development websites, strategic communications and strategic planning are some of the areas of my expertise.

Over the years, I not only managed and developed more than 200 web projects, but I also have brought my real world experience to the classrooms and trained almost 2400 students in more than 35000 hours of teaching in different institutes and earned several Distinguished Teaching Awards.




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Throughout my career I have assisted large corporations, small businesses, and developed effective designs for various agencies, companies and institutions.I was lucky enough to have great experience working in different fields of Arts & Design, Such as design and development of web pages, web graphic design, arts direction, project management, web site maintenance, design two-dimensional animation, flash banner design, consulting, planning and implementation of e-shops and e-commerce Web sites, define and teach specialized curriculum in institutes, SEO, web site design and implement tailored for mobile phones and Tablet, and Internet advertising.

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The Future

Despite all of my experiences and my educational background, I am always (passion) enthusiasm to broaden my knowledge and skills and to enhance my capabilities that help me make important achievements in my field.
I would also be really happy if I could share some of experience with you all and help you in any of these fields in order to develop or improve your career.